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At three months, your baby is now an infant.  She can recognize faces and loves to look at bright things.  We have a bright red shaker that almost always catches the baby’s attention.  Between that and my silly sounds and faces, I can usually get a few smiles.  I can’t always get smiles at this age, but this sweet little girl did give me a few!

Here’s a photo collage I put together for them.  I printed it as a 20×20 and framed it in black.  I’m sure it looks fabulous on their wall.  🙂

And then she got tired…  LOL

It’s pretty common for me to finish a three-month baby plan session with the baby sleeping.  Those images are precious too.

Three-month sessions are typically the most challenging of all the Baby Plan (3, 6, 9,12-month) sessions.  I will go with the flow and see what the baby is willing to do.  It’s normal for a 3-month baby to have to eat, get changed or sleep during this session.  Thankfully, it’s worth it and I’m able to present a beautiful photo memory of this age/stage.  The next sessions are almost always quicker and more fun.  Once a baby can sit, it’s an entirely new experience!

So many of the babies you see in the blog and my portfolio are members of the Baby’s First Year Plan.  It’s a great way to capture your child’s milestones throughout the first year. The three-month milestone is being able to hold her head up while on a parent’s shoulder or on my foam baby poser.  Then, at 6-7 months, we celebrate sitting, and 9-12 months standing!

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Karen Thaemert, CPP

St Charles Baby Photographer

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