High School Senior Photographer

I photograph most of the high school seniors from spring to fall.  It’s the highlight of my outdoor portrait season.  I love being a senior photographer!  High school grads are great to photograph because they are so willing to try new/fun locations and lighting techniques.  I almost always use lighting even when (especially when) shooting outdoors.  However, I never pass up a chance to use the sun as one of my lights!  Look at the back-lighting on this first shot and the few following!  I love the way it subtly lights his hair and gives him definition from the background.

He wanted natural shots as well as some urban locations.  Main Street, St Charles, and the riverfront gave us a little (or a lot) of both options!  Nature has so much color.  Railroads run in the family, so it was an extra special pose at the train depot.

In the extreme heat this summer, all current senior sessions are being held early in the morning or in the later evening.  The morning time slots are preferred before the heat of the day really kicks in.

I thank you for selecting K Thaemert Photography for your senior portraits! Since all schools have a contract senior photographer for the yearbook headshots, we realize that scheduling a second photo session is a bit of work.  It’s not for everyone, but those of you who want MORE than what the contract photographer can deliver can call us for the FUN and CREATIVE, photoshoot.

Call the studio today to schedule your senior shoot. 636-947-5956 or send a quick note in the contact form. We’d be thrilled to chat about your senior session.

Karen Thaemert, CPP

St Charles High School Senior Photographer

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