Here we go!  three months is the start of the Baby’s First Year portrait plan.  We are known throughout St. Charles & St. Louis for the Baby Plan!

I get to watch him grow through his 1st Birthday photo session and beyond.  Logan is back to show off his new milestones.  He can now hold up his head, and wow, he’s giving smiles too.  Having a professional photoshoot is hard work and he crashed before we were done with the appointment.  What is funny, is, at his Newborn session, he was wide awake. LOL He really was a sweet little guy!  The three-month session isn’t always the easiest appointment but I was able to capture some sweet expressions.  The Baby Steps, Baby’s First Year Plan is great for families because you get 3 or 4 sessions and at the end, you receive a framed 10X20 photo collage with one image from each session.  It’s a terrific deal.

I feel like I am always talking about the Baby Steps Portrait program.  It really is a big part of what I do!  That’s good news for you, my clients.  It means that I’m not only experienced but that I love what I do.  

So, thank you for all your support and especially for coming back month after month, year after year.  It warms my heart and makes me smile from ear to ear!

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