Being a baby photographer is so rewarding.  There is nothing better than playing with a happy, smiley little baby girl.  Well, maybe a happy 9 month baby boy could rival that…

So, what makes a 9 month session so fun?  It really is my favorite session.  Finally, at this age/stage, your baby is able to mimic my sounds and to some extent my facial expressions.  I think I laugh and make more strange sounds when working with a nine-month baby than any other age.  Mobile babies are happy babies too!  Have you ever noticed how content a baby becomes once the new skill of sitting is mastered?  It’s an entirely new world.  Well, by this time, a baby becomes more independent and likes to explore (either by crawling or investigating what is nearby).

Anyone who has brought their own child in for a 9-month session knows that it’s a whirlwind session.  I have to work very quickly because the attention span for this age baby is short.  It’s all worth it though!  Look at our end results.

The Baby’s First Year portrait plan is our most popular.  I have spent years building this special program for the little ones.  I’m constantly on the lookout for new props, backgrounds and techniques.  The Baby Steps plan was initiated in 2006 and I’m happy to say that year after year, month after month, I have continued to fill the calendar with babies growing up in the Thaemert studio family!   The loyalty of my clients who return every couple of years with the next baby is an awesome testament and I’m so thankful to remain in your lives year after year.

Please forward this post on to any of your friends who have new babies or are expecting.  The Baby’s First Year Portrait Plan (Baby Steps) is 3 sessions between the ages of 3 months through 12 months.  Alternately, you can add on a 4th session for 3, 6, 9, 12 months.  You decide!

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Thank you for continually using me as your family photographer!

Karen Thaemert, CPP

St Charles Baby Photographer

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