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Photographing senior sessions is definitely high on my list of favorite shoots!  Shooting outdoors offers so much diversity too.  I love the gorgeous fall colors.

Are you a high school senior or a recent grad?  Don’t just settle for the pictures from the contract photographer, get your real portraits from certified professionals who have the time to be creative.  We have the time and energy to give you a great shoot AND we are able to properly process/edit your images from the shoot.

At this time of the year, I frequently see posts of senior pictures from other high school seniors (in St Charles and around the U.S.)  Some are certainly done by experienced photographers and some are definitely not.  I want to educate you a little about what makes a great portrait.

  • You can see your subject’s eyes!  This is a big one.  Anyone with a “good camera” (or even a good cell phone) can take an attractive subject, put him in a nice background and take a picture.  BUT, it takes experience and usually off-camera lighting to bring light into the eyes.
  • The shadows in the image are pleasing.  This is also important!  Look at photos online of people taken outdoors.  Where are the shadows?  Do they cross the face in an unnatural way?  Are the shadows pleasing or distracting?  The mark of a trained professional can usually be seen here.
  • Are the shadows missing?  That’s called flat-lighting.  Usually, flat-lighting is undesirable.  Shadows give dimension, shadows give feeling, and shadows set the mood.

Of course, these are only three points of good photography.  Good students of photography, professionals who are continually learning and improving their art, will always incorporate the three above.  It seems that pretty much everyone knows a “professional” photographer.  Unfortunately, the majority of the pros out there simply have a “good camera”, a website, and a business name.  Please do your homework.  Hire a professional.  Judge our work.  Compare our work, not just prices. Why do I post this?  I’ve recently seen images of kids, teens, and families done by untrained photographers and it makes me sad that these families paid money for photos and you cannot even see the subjects’ eyes.  If you take the time to schedule an appointment, pay a session fee, and buy the clothes, why settle for mediocre photography.  Even if the price is dirt-cheap, why would you take your time if the end result is just “ok”?  I know I’m not always the best at posting my work on the blog, I’m sorry.  It’s important though, and I will keep sharing my work and teaching what it is that sets me and other trained professionals apart from the person with a nice camera. Enough rambling… Take a look.

Are you a high school senior in the St Charles area or a metro St Louis High School Senior?  Do you want amazing high school senior portraits?  Do you want more than just a few senior pictures?  Please give us a call at 636-947-5956.  Don’t settle for ok photography, strive for the best.

Thank you for choosing K Thaemert Photography for your high school senior photography in St Charles and St Louis metro areas!

Karen Thaemert, CPP

High School Senior Photographer, St Charles, Missouri

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