There is nothing better, from a baby’s perspective than the ability to see the world from a seated position.  I remember how happy my own kids were once they could sit unassisted.  From a photographer’s perspective, it’s the perfect time to capture big smiles and true joy.

These two little ones really enjoy each other’s company.  It’s funny; he would always reach over into her space.  Both were so easy-going that it made my job easier.  Mom found these adorable coordination outfits that fit each personality perfectly.  I love his little tie!! Isn’t it so cute?

Photographing twins takes a little more preparation and planning but it’s definitely rewarding.  If you are currently pregnant with twins, now is the time to begin planning your newborn photography sessions and the first-year portraits.  Always silent a trained photographer with years of experience.  Be wary of the many new “professional photographers” in every neighborhood.

When you call our studio, you can expect an experienced, gentle, and friendly photography experience, and as a former educator, I am very comfortable with children and they are comfortable with me.  Twins are not, I would love to be your family’s baby photographer!

Serving St. Charles for more than 6 years,

Karen Thaemert, CPP

St Charles Baby Photographer

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