Toddler boys are GREAT!  St Peters Children’s Photographer

I was really looking forward to photographing this spunky young man (and a couple of sister too).  I’ve been his photographer since birth.  He is cute, opinionated, silly, fun, active, and everything you’d expect from a three-year-old boy.  I love the many expressions he gives.  (Oh yes, I can see his daddy in him too).

We have a tradition when photographing this family – at least one pose is one with this year’s favorite “friends”.  So, Buzz and Woody got to enjoy a few minutes in the spotlight with him.  Actually, Buzz and Woody got to start the entire photo session to show him how easy and fun it is.

Toddler portraits capture the personality you see each day.  They give you a small reminder of the amazing little person that has captured your heart.  In just a few years, toddlers turn into older children and soon after, teens.  These years are so fleeting and I love that I get to help families remember the fiery personalities of these independent little ones.

When was the last time you had professional portraits taken of your toddlers?  I can photograph them in the studio or on location.  Share this post with your friends, share it on Facebook and tell them to give me a call.

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See you soon!

Karen Thaemert, CPP

St Peters Children’s Photographer

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