It is so much fun photographing babies on the Baby Steps, Baby’s First Year Plan.  I love, love, love seeing them grow and change.  See how he’s changed in his 1-year photo collage from 3, 6, 9, and 12 months!

The Baby Plan is 3 sessions between 3 months and 1 year.  Many clients elect to add a 4th session to the plan.  It’s great to showcase those big milestones during the first year.  At 3 months, we celebrate that he can hold his head high.  Sitting is an amazing 6 month milestone.  Next, at 9 months pulling up to a standing position is a big deal.  Finally, we celebrate the first birthday (but hopefully not the achievement of walking.  lol).

Here he is (in all his glory).  I hope the last photo doesn’t offend.  I think it’s just too darn cute.

Babies are amazing!  I love photographing them.  I love seeing their personalities emerging around 6 months.  I love communicating with them at 9 months old (we sure make strange sounds when “talking”) and I love watching them trying sugar during the “smash the cake” portion of the 12-month session.

Who do you know that recently had a baby?  Send them this blog post.  Share it on your Facebook page.  It would be great to fill the studio with babies every day of the week… aaaah dream job.

Missed the baby plan window?  That’s okay, I’ll still photograph your little one. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Karen Thaemert, CPP

St Peters Baby Photographer

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