In the dead of winter, it’s sure nice to stay indoors for larger groups and family portraits.  It’s especially nice when there are little ones in the family!  Studio portraits can be trendy or classic; what’s your style?

When was your last PROFESSIONAL family portrait taken?  Last year or five years ago?  Never?  Take advantage of the next time your family comes into town or gets together and call me for a portrait session.  Just your small little family?  We can plan that any time!  Thankfully, it’s starting to warm up and we can get outdoors for some fun family portraits.  Please be advised that as soon as the trees/bushes/flowers start budding my schedule will be full.  Think ahead and schedule your spring or summer sessions now!

Since we can’t get outside yet… here are some classic indoor portraits for your enjoyment:

Don’t wait until you think everything is perfect before you have family portraits taken.  Remember that life is a journey and we are always “in progress”.  Don’t wait to shed those 15 pounds (or 115 pounds), don’t wait until the baby is potty trained, don’t wait until the teen gets his/her braces off her teeth.  Allow me to document your family as you are today!  Enjoy each day and year as the journey that it is.

See you soon!  Let’s make some beautiful pictures together!  🙂

Karen Thaemert, CPP

St Peters Family Photographer

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