Another little one visited the studio a couple of weeks ago.  It was fun working my magic on this session.  It really takes a special touch to photograph this age.  At 3 months, a baby is just getting strong enough to hold his head while on his tummy.  A baby at this age won’t hold his head for long, so I must be quick!

I love to photograph little ones on their tummy, in a basket, in the “lounge chair”, and on a parent’s shoulder.  I love to photograph their chubby little feet and hands.  I love catching them in a great big simile.  I even love catching them sleeping (which usually happens at the end of a 3-month session).  Here is a little bit of each of those things:

Photographing baby pictures during a baby’s first year is a great way to show how much a baby grows and changes.  The 3-month session (sometimes a 4-month session instead) is the perfect time to show off the first big milestone: holding up his head.  At future sessions, we showcase the great milestone of sitting, standing, and sometimes walking!

If you or someone you know has a baby that is 4 months or younger, please send them our studio information.  We’d love to chat about the baby’s first-year portrait plan.

Most baby plan sessions are done in the studio which is conveniently located at Mid Rivers Dr and Highway 70 in St Peters (just a few doors away from Toys R Us).  If you prefer location sessions, that is also available.  The studio is big enough to be comfortable and small enough that if you have other children, they can play in the sitting area with the toys and still be close to us.  Here’s some information about the Baby Steps, Baby’s First Year Plan.

Looking forward to the next session with this cutie!

Karen Thaemert

St Peters Baby Photographer

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