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One of the biggest joys in my photography career has been a continued relationship with my clients for many years.  Watching a family grow and keeping up with their adventures is wonderful.  It is the best thing I never expected when I began my studio almost ten years ago.  When big sister helps out with baby brothers and when the little brother later becomes a big brother himself watching the transition is pretty cool.  It’s not easy running a home with three littles.  I do remember it myself – sort of.  Some days it feels like just last week that my own kids were toddlers, running the house.  Time really does speed by, however; how is it that we are already preparing to send one to college?  When I started photographing professionally, my own daughter was the age of the girl in this family.  Brings tears to my eyes as I wonder what happened between then and now.  It’s crazy how in a blink of an eye, the kids grow up.

I am thrilled that this family has chosen to make professional photography a priority.  They have many years of beautiful photos that the kids will have and can look back on, even when they themselves are old.  Documenting your family history is such a meaningful exercise.  Hopefully, the kids will grow to become adults who continue to remember their family heritage and pass it on.

So, today we celebrate this growing family and add in one more boy!  Here he is.  🙂

Q: When should we call and schedule our newborn photo session?
A: It is best to get on the calendar three months before your due date.

Q: How old should our baby be at his first photo session?
A: If your baby was full-term, ideally, under two weeks of age, but he will still curl up in those sweet new-baby poses for a few weeks past (unless he is chunky!)

Q: We will have the hospital contract photographer take pictures.  Do we still need to come to a professional?
A: Yes, we will pose you for full family photos with beautiful lighting, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.  We are also expert image retouchers to make everyone, especially mom, look her best.  Finally, the hospital contract photographers can be hit-or-miss.  Some of them have experience but many of them took that job in order to gain experience before starting their business.

Q: Where can I see more of your work?
A: You can find more in my baby portfolio: 

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Karen Thaemert
St Charles Newborn Photographer

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