Sometimes people ask me, “why should I pay for photography? It’s too expensive, can’t I get the same picture with my iPhone? My friend’s daughter or Aunt Lucy has a nice camera; she can do it for dirt cheap.”

Where to begin…

Photography ultimately comes down to memories. Capturing memories in a stunning, and artistic way. Sure, you can take a picture with your phone or ask a friend to take some photos, but ultimately, you’re going to get what you pay for.  I can take nice photos with my cell phone too (sort of) but there’s nothing like the quality of an image taken with a great camera AND great lighting, even before expert retouching is applied.

Your time is valuable. Your time with children is especially sweet. Those are memories you want to preserve for a lifetime. Trust me, you’ll miss the days of little feet, crawling everywhere, and getting into everything.  Those late-night feedings and after-school activities will end soon enough. Preserve those memories in a lasting picture. I hear time after time again, “I wish we had taken more pictures.” Don’t let that be you!

Phones are great for the quick snapshot photo, in the moment. Maybe you’re out in the backyard grilling and your daughter takes her first steps. Or you’re out for a walk and you see a beautiful eagle. But when it comes to pictures you’d want to have printed, hanging on the wall, or in a beautiful album to look back on over the years, those are pictures you want to spend the time and money to have professionally taken. One downfall of phone pictures is the picture quality. You’ll be disappointed when you take them to Walgreens or CVS to have them printed and you see what they look like. We want you to love your pictures!

A professional photographer also wants to take the stress off of you. If you’re trying to take the photos or direct a shoot, you’re going to be overwhelmed, stressed, and won’t be able to enjoy the experience.  Trust me!  I’ve taken my OWN family photos.  “Been there, got the t-shirt”.  Let us take care of that so you can sit back and make memories. I’ll admit, there are moments that are hard on a photoshoot. When a kid has a meltdown and won’t sit still, someone spills a drink on their outfit, etc.. Usually, the first response from the parent is one of panic.

“Sit down, sit over here. No, sit HERE.”

” Stop running around. You’re acting a fool! Be on your best behavior.”

” Look happy! No one wants to see your sassy face.”

Don’t worry, that’s EXACTLY what we want to see! These pictures show your kid’s personality. If your kid is a jokester, let them have fun! If your child is a diva, that’s them and we want to see it! Let your child be a child and we will get the perfect picture to help you remember them, at that age. It’s also really fun to see those pictures over the years to see how they’ve grown up and changed. You don’t want a staged, cold picture, of them just smiling and looking cute. You already have that. Get the picture you REALLY want.

If you’re looking to capture those memories and have them for a lifetime, give me a call. We want to capture the personalities and precious moments for you to look back on, forever.

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