Are you ready? Do you have spring fever yet? I know I do! If your senior hasn’t gotten their senior pictures taken yet, it’s not too late! Spring is a great time to get outdoors, enjoy the breeze, and get some beautiful shots.

Senior portraits are about celebrating a life stage. For many teens, this will be the last year they will spend with childhood friends, their last year under their parents’ wing, and possibly, their last year living at home. Even if they decide to stay in your basement for the next couple of months, or years, it will never be the same. Since the last year of high school is filled with milestones, professional photography is the perfect way to ensure you capture who they are, in that moment.

Senior portraits capture and preserve the youthful essence of teenagers in a creative way. If you want, you can have just about anyone shoot you with a DLSR camera, but they won’t be able to highlight your child’s individuality. For a lot of graduates, this will be their first and last time taking a portrait, so preserve the moment with a high-quality image.

You’ve seen your young adult grow into their personalities and become their own human. Believe me, all of those activities they were involved in will soon be missed as they continue to age. Those crazy cheerleading practices and football games you had to attend every other week will soon become a distant memory. While you still have the opportunity, why not capture those memories and share the finished product with your loved ones?

High school senior portraits are essentially an American tradition. Yes, there are other ways to celebrate the transition from teenage years into adulthood. There are a ton of parties and events thrown over the years, and a lot of emotions are experienced during those times. Although you’ve created those special moments for your children, those memories are simply a passing thought without a portrait to keep them alive.

A senior photo session is a lot to think about and may seem overwhelming. Where should we have the photos taken? What should they wear? What do we need and what do we want to capture?

Since I can understand how overwhelming this process can be, I want to ease your stress level so you can soak up all the memories. We can help you determine all the above factors and capture exactly what you, and your senior, want in the portraits.

If your child is a star athlete out on the field, we want those pictures to show your kids sportsmanship. No matter if your child is the quarterback or the robotics team captain, we want to see their personality! This is the time to help your kids make a statement with their photos. Whatever their interests are, whether it be sports or hobbies, high school pictures are an opportunity to visually capture one of the most important times in a person’s life.

Not only are senior portraits a tradition, but it’s also a ceremony that honors your teenager as a rite of passage to adulthood. Don’t miss the opportunity to document this passage from child to adult. Let’s face it, that baby that you raised for 18 years is not the same person as those newborn photos in your scrapbook.

I want to help you protect this particular moment with a high-quality senior portrait. We want to catch their character and focus on what makes them who they are as a teenager. If you haven’t gotten senior pictures yet and think it’s too late, it most certainly is not! Give us a call today to schedule your senior photos and make those memories with us. We look forward to being a part of the process!

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