Are your little ones arguing again? That’s no fun, but the fact that they have each other is priceless!

Siblings have a unique relationship that’s different from other relatives. They can be super close one minute and fighting the next. No matter what happens between them, they are still connected and it’s only natural to want to capture their special relationship. You may feel moved to create these images yourself, but hiring someone to snap these moments will give your children something to cherish later in life. They will only be young for so long, and as a parent, you have the chance to protect their memories.

Sibling shoots are the perfect time to catch your kids as their authentic selves. You captured the birthdays, recitals and sports tournaments, but don’t forget the snapshots of their daily activities. Why do you want to wait until everyone is dressed in their Sunday best? It can be easy to look for that “perfect” moment, but the most meaningful ones are the photographs you get in between shots. In fact, I’ve found that some of the best shots are the photographs that portray their personality. Embrace imperfection, and set your eye on securing your children’s sacred moments. This is only a small part of the behavior they exhibit you don’t want to forget.

The objective in most sibling sessions is to allow your kids to have fun. As I mentioned earlier, this isn’t a scripted photography set. I want the children to be who they are. They aren’t “little adults,” and I’m not expecting them to be. Toddlers deserve their play breaks, and I have the patience that’ll carry me throughout the entire shoot.

As parents, you play a role in this process as well. I totally understand, you want the ideal photoshoot of everyone on their best behavior with the biggest smiles and beautiful clothing, but you shouldn’t overdo it. Remember, these are kids we’re talking about, and we want them to have fun with this shoot. Don’t hype them up too much. Bring a few of their favorite toys, and let them express themselves.

Very soon, all the jokes they made while playing will be only a thought as they grow older. Those routine bedtime stories you gave every night won’t be of your kid’s interest soon. All of them will get older, and for some of them, they will go their separate ways. Capture their encounters and the behind-the-scenes moments of their relationships through professional photography.

My goal is to provide you with high-quality, meaningful images that will last you a lifetime. Give us a call today to schedule a sibling photoshoot and reserve the fondness experiences your kids shared. We’re looking forward to hearing from you

Karen Thaemert children’s photographer – St Charles

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