The Dalai Lama

Victor Hugo

Franz Kafka

Saint Augustine

Frank Lloyd Wright

Leonardo Da Vinci

Margaret Atwood

Albert Einstein

Abraham Lincoln

This might seem like a strange array of names. What do all these people have in common? They were all brilliant humans who were also famous for being procrastinators! And that’s okay, there is absolutely nothing wrong with procrastination, especially this time of year. We are all busy, our kids are wrapping up the school year, we’re preparing for summer vacations, sports and activities are beginning (I mean, have you seen all the summer camps and activities your kids are bringing home and wanting to participate in?) and some things might have slipped your mind. Like those senior photos. You might have thought, “oh, we have plenty of time. We’ll get those soon.” And then they never got scheduled.

Procrastinators, we are here for you! It’s NOT too late to get those senior photos! We have some customers who prefer getting their senior photos taken after graduation or later in May and June, with their cap and gown. You might be planning a Graduation party or open house in June, therefore you have plenty of time to get those pictures taken prior to the big celebration! See, you’re still on track.

Now’s the time, your seniors are sliding into home plate, that finish line is in sight and you’re ready to party. Let us help you take one of those tasks off of your over-flowing plate! Get your senior photos scheduled today, and we can help lesson your load. It’s not too late, in fact, there’s no better time than now!

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