K Thaemert, St Louis Family Photographer specializes in multi-generational family photos.  We love photographing families. We love photographing your entire family even more! How many generations do you have? Three? Four? More? Do you have a family gathering coming up?  Family reunions and holidays are common events where clients invite us to create professional photos.

Multi-Generation Portraits

Most often, we photograph the entire group, and then we do different groupings. Karen’s favorite is to photograph all the generations of women/men. That makes such a neat heritage photo. Grandparents with all the grandkids is a favorite as is a grandkids only or cousins only picture. Here’s a great example of a 3-generation outdoor portrait.

What if we will have someone missing for Family Photos?

Multi-generational photo sessions are very special even if your group is missing someone. Document who is there and remember those who are not. The next time the missing family members are here, we can photograph them too.

Photograph your family today!

Don’t wait until next month or next year.  Remember that no one is guaranteed another day on this earth. Schedule your professional photography session today with your favorite St Louis Family Photographer (Karen Thaemert ????) Don’t wait. No one is getting any younger! No excuses, just do it. We will make you look your best. Promise! Click here for a great reference for heritage family sessions. Just your family in town?  Your photographer, Karen has experience with all ages from newborn to the elderly.  The studio is comfortable enough to accommodate up to 30 people in one image, or if needed, we can break the groups up into smaller segments and put them together using the magic of computer software.

Each photo has so much history in them.  They are photographs that help tell a story.  These photos are just a moment in time for each of the families.  Sadly, not everyone featured in today’s post is even with us today.  Like I said earlier, none of us are guaranteed a tomorrow.  Please hug your loved ones and then call to schedule your family’s photo session.  Whether it is just your small family or multiple groups of families in your life.  It’s important for those who are not yet grown and it’s important for those who are.

Information on Scheduling your Family Portraits:

You can call the studio during normal business hours (or leave a message if after hours or we are with a client and can’t answer).  636-947-5956

Karen Thaemert, CPP
St Louis Family Photographer
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