Aren’t 1st Birthday Pictures the BEST?

Experienced and Trustworthy! Karen Thaemert: St Charles Baby Photographer

Baby’s first year goes by so quickly.  You’ve probably snapped hundreds of cell phone pictures as the days and months passed.  All of a sudden, you are planning the birthday party and his 1st Birthday Pictures.  Photographed in a studio setting, these photos are both classic and fun.

This first pose is a favorite of mine because it often mimics the 1st Birthday Picture that dad had taken many years ago.  I love positioning baby at a slight angle which best shows off his pudgy cheeks!

One-year-old babies love to show off and stand, cruise, or walk.  We got lucky in this session because he was not quite walking.  That made it easy on us adults since he didn’t try exploring the entire studio.  In fact, he was so content to sit, that we got one of my favorite “best friends” pose with a teddy bear.

And since a 1st Birthday Pictures photography session wouldn’t be complete without the Number 1, we of course had to use it.  These trusty numbers have served us well for years of the baby plan and toddler plan photo sessions.

When a baby joins the BABY PLAN around 3 or 4 months of age, we are able to create this great collage with one image from each session.  (Click Baby Plan for more information on it)

Mom brought some Etsy decorations that they used at his 1st Birthday party and I attached them to this cute little picket fence.  He was quite happy with a football shaped cake (aka pile of sugar!)  He’s a third child… I’m sure he’s had sugar before.

We often end a 1st Birthday Pictures session with a bucket of suds.  It’s a great way to help wash off any cake and give baby something new to experience.

Information about the Baby’s First year Portrait Plan

How many Sessions?  Three or Four.  The plan comes with three but many clients add on the 4th session

At what ages do you photograph each session?  either 3mo, 6mo, 9mo, 12mo or holding head up (3-4 months), sitting (6-7 months) and 1st Birthday

Can siblings/parents be in any of the photos? Yes.  We are happy to take a couple of images/poses with siblings, parents or both.  It is tough to keep a baby’s attention at the one-year session, however, and it is suggested that sibling/parent photos be added to an earlier session or later at 18 months.

How do I get that neat photo collage with one image at each stage?  That photo collage comes with the Baby’s First Year Portrait Plan.  It will be framed and ready to hang on your wall.

How do I buy the photos?  Do you sell digitals?  The short answer is,  yes, digital packages are available.  However, we believe in printing your portraits for you.  Today’s children have pictures that mostly live on your cell phone and computer.  They won’t have those photos in 20 years.  Please don’t rely on flash drives, DVDs, and cloud storage for your child’s baby photo history.  

If you have additional questions or want to schedule your baby’s 1st Birthday Pictures, please give us a call at 636-947-5956.  Ready to book?  Go ahead and call 636-947-5956.

Karen Thaemert, CPP
St Charles Baby Photographer
for Baby’s 1st Birthday Pictures

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