We love senior pictures all year long but right now is the most popular time of the year for Senior Pictures, St Louis friends.  Who do you know that will graduate in the spring?

Do you love a comfy sweater or would you prefer something layered?  What about the style of photography?  Do you want something nice with nothing crazy or do you have a vision for your shoot that will require some planning on our part?  Let’s talk!

Need more information?  Click over to our High School Senior information page here.

We always use lights outdoors even when it is sunny and bright.  We also use lights when it’s a little more dreary.  Why?  It gives all images a clean crispness and makes your complexion look great.

It’s time to plan your senior photo shoot.  We can have a consultation to chat about what to wear, where to go and any theme you want to have.  This is your time, seniors, let’s make it everything you’ve dreamed about.

Karen has been photographing graduates since 2006, loving working with teens.  Are you or someone you know preparing for graduation?  Do you still need senior pictures, or did you have them done by someone who is not experienced and you want to have another session?  That happens pretty often these days.  Let’s have some fun and create a great experience for Senior Pictures, St Louis grads.

Call (636) 947-5956, or use the booking link above.

See you soon.

Karen Thaemert, CPP

Photographer for Senior Pictures, St Louis

St Charles, photographer for senior pictures, with years of experience.  Karen easily relates to teens.

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