The Marketing Game Has Changed

Let’s face it.  Marketing in today’s world of social-everything, social-everywhere is quite a bit different than just a couple of years ago.  Your audience has new expectations of you and how you portray yourself.

I’ve been in business for over a decade.  When I first opened my photography studio, I was good at SEO and that’s all I needed to rank high and get calls from web searchers.  As the years have progressed, I’ve noticed a change in what potential clients want from our marketing efforts.  And by “our” I mean mine and YOURS if you consider yourself the face of your business.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I the face (or main face) of my business?
  • Does my website have my name in it?
  • Do clients hire ME?
  • Are you your “brand”?

A “yes” answer is an indication that you need a Personal Branding Portrait Session

I’m ready!  Sign me up!

This is something new. What’s that?

Gone are the days when you can say, “I just need a professional headshot”.  Your marketing should now include images that are both formal and informal.  Some of your photos need to reflect your personality.  Your clients want to get to know the things that make you unique and human.  “Authenticity” is in and “Formal” is out for most of us.

Enter the Personal Branding Photography Session.

Because first impressions matter, and because your marketing efforts give those first impressions, the images your audience sees, will define your brand and ultimately, your business.  This special photoshoot will be tailor-made for you.  Professional lighting equipment will ensure that each image has clarity, making them perfect for your marketing needs.

Some of the images will be posed and more towards the formal side.  Some of the images will be less formal and may even include movement and action.  What we do at the shoot will depend entirely on you and your brand.

Here are the steps:

  1. Consult With Me, Your Photographer: an in-depth conversation to get to know each other and craft the perfect shoot
  2. Make Plans: Obtain permission/permits for locations, gather props, get clothing options put together
  3. The Photo Shoot: Yay!!
  4. Select your favorites
  5. Get Professionally Retouched: Face it!  No one is perfect.  My team will make you look your best; Naturally.
  6. Use your images on your website, your blog, every social channel, and in your general marketing.

Let’s Bring Your Brand to Life!

Start thinking about what makes you special (sorry to be a little cliché).  Then, go a little deeper… what are you personally obsessed with?  What are your hobbies, charities, and loves?  Do any of these relate to who you are in your business?  If so, it’s part of your brand and worthy of photo consideration.

Here’s a quick story and then I’ll let you wander through my photography site.  It’s no secret; I’m short.  It could be a problem in my business when I have tall clients, but I make it work.  I carry around a little stool nearly everywhere.  I have two in my car, one at the studio, one in the garage, one in the kitchen, one in my bedroom, and even one in the balcony at church (where I sing in the choir).  That goofy “Little Blue stool” and all its cousins are a part of me as well as a part of my business.  It sets me apart from the millions of other photographers out there.  Does it make me better than them?  No, my continual training and certification help elevate me.

It Makes Me Memorable

My Little Blue Stool makes me memorable.  That’s what you want in your branding.  You want to be memorable to your clients and future clients.

My goal is to help you stand out in the sea of your competition.  I am a professional photographer.  I work with hundreds of real estate agents.  I understand competition.  Let’s find your “authentic you” and photograph it.  When you use it in your marketing, your audience will be captivated.  Let’s s schedule your Personal Branding Photo Session.  It’s going to take a little bit of planning so let’s start it now!  Ready?  SIGN UP HERE

Thanks for stopping by!

Karen Thaemert
St Louis Professional Photographer – Your Personal Brand Consultant

p.s.  My first Little Blue Stool had a good life.  It served me well.  Here’s the little memorial we had for it about a year ago.  Click to read the sad little tale: RIP Little Blue Stool

p.p.s.  We can even create some non-posed, authentic photos in the studio.

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