I’m constantly talking about the value of creating professional portraits for future generations.  It is so important to print them so that they last longer than the life of a computer or cell phone!  It’s also important to capture that which is memorable and special to you.  This photo shoot was so neat!  We planned it ahead of time to be at the family home and surrounding property.  Part way through the session, they brought out the dog for a few family portraits.

I could tell that the kids had a special bond with him and while he was a little timid, I found out that it was his normal demeanor.  Big sister was insistent that mom select a photo of the kids and dog for her bedroom frame.  I love that she had a vision for the pose even as we were photographing it.

I also think it is important to do small groupings and poses.  It is especially amazing to photograph all the women in multiple generations.  This was just a single family but I still did a mom/daughter photo and a dad/son one.

Isn’t he adorable with his hand in his pocket?

Family Photography is a passion of mine. Please never take for granted that all of your loved ones will be here tomorrow.  Let’s plan your next family portraits today!

Karen Thaemert, CPP

St Louis Family Photographer

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