Ok, I’m a  sucker for beautiful pink dresses with layers of tulle.   This beautiful formal dress was the perfect embellishment for my hand-painted floral background.  I love how soft and lovely these are.

Ava was a very serious model.  I think she will grow up to be a good friend and a good listener.  She was a bit quiet; still, I was able to get her to crack a few smiles.

Photographing a serious child can be a challenge.  My suggestion is to stay fairly low-key yourself so as not to overwhelm the baby.  Using a trusted family member to talk to the baby is another good way to get various expressions.

I love being a baby photographer!  Who else can celebrate crazy, cute hair, sitting in a bowl, and all the baby milestones?

This is Ava’s 1st-year portrait collage.  Isn’t it a great way to see how much she has grown?  Each Baby Plan participant receives a framed 10×20 collage with one image from each session.  It comes ready to hang and it’s easy to quickly display your growing baby.  Call 636-947-5956 to sign up your baby. 

Thanks for choosing me as your baby’s 1st-year photographer for baby #2! I appreciate it and return business means so much to me.

Karen Thaemert, CPP

Baby Photographer serving St. Charles, St. Peters, O’ Fallon, and beyond.

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