Baby’s First Year Portrait Plan – 6/7 Months Old

Oh, joy!  It’s always fun watching babies grow through the first year.  I especially love the portrait session where a baby is finally sitting.  It’s a whole new world for them.  At about the same time, sweet little expressions start emerging.  Some little ones really love the newfound freedom of being able to sit.  Imagine how differently the world looks from a seated position rather than just laying around horizontally.

Babies at this age are learning to use fine motor skills and enjoy touching little blocks and toys and also holding them.  Yep, they do often go directly to the mouth.  That’s their way of exploring new things.  Don’t be surprised when your baby gets interested in the toys and things around him instead of looking at us by the camera.  This great big world is really pretty interesting.  But no worries!  I have been photographing babies since 2005 and have many tricks up my sleeve to get great expressions and interactions.

One thing unique about our photography studio is our “Baby Steps”, Baby’s first-year portrait plan.  We photograph your baby 3 or 4 times during the first year, starting between 3 and 4 months of age.  This plan comes with a great 10×20 framed portrait with one photo pose from each session.  It’s amazing watching your baby’s growth and changes.  This photo collage has become a very special wall piece for so many families over the years.  Some families have 4 of them on their walls – one for each child.

Here’s a link for more information on the Baby’s First Year – Baby Steps plan.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

I absolutely love our babies and the families of our babies too.  It’s amazing watching your family grow from the first baby bump to the last baby plan graduate.  Sniff, sniff, some of my “babies” are now taller than I am.  (Ok, not a major accomplishment, but still…) . Are you ready to become part of the K Thaemert Photography family?  I can’t wait!

Here’s one of my little buddies!  I just adore this little man.  (Almost as much as his parents do!)   Just look at that chubby face…

Baby learning to crawl in St Charles Photo Studio
Baby Boy Sitting Proudly
Sitting Baby boy dressed in Sunday best
Sitting Baby Boy Portrait in Studio
Curious Baby Boy photo for baby's first year portrait plan
Baby Boy sitting in a basket for his 7 month portraits

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