Baby Plan Policies

  1. This is a supplement to our general studio policies. These are items that pertain only to the Baby Steps, Baby’s First Year Plan participants. Any client that does not adhere to the policies may, with written notice, be removed from “The Plan”.
  2. All appointments are reserved. Failure to show up for your scheduled appointment without 24 hour prior notification can result in your removal from the plan.
  3. You are required to call or email the studio 1-3 days prior to your appointment to confirm that you will be at your upcoming session at your scheduled time. Leave a message if necessary.
  4. If no purchase is made from a session, we will do mini-sessions at all future appointments unless you ask for a full session. At mini-sessions, only the pose for the 1-year collage will be photographed.
  5. If you have twins or other multiples, a separate plan must be purchased for each child. A end of the year collage will be presented to each child.
  6. Safety is a top priority. It is your job as caregivers to watch your child(ren) carefully. You must keep your eyes on your baby. The photographer’s duty is to help create, capture and photograph expressions and moments. Please remain close and keep a hand on your child as necessary.
  7. Your baby plan must be used within 13 months and is non-transferable to any other child. If you are removed from The Plan, you wil forfit the 1-year collage and the money paid will become a session fee and is non-refundable.