What is a Family Heritage Session?

A Family Heritage session is any family portrait shoot that celebrates your family members. It may just be a session to photograph the kids or your immediate family unit, or it may include your entire extended family. The end product is something that can become an heirloom to hand down to future generations. Wall portraits, albums, and printed portraits are encouraged.

  • Studio portraits or at a location of your choice.
  • The next step is to chat with us to find out what best suits your needs and family schedule.

Why Printed Portraits?

We encourage printed portraits because they have long lives and are easy to keep for generations. We know you love technology and want digital images so that you can have them “forever”. Unfortunately, the lifespan of a digital file is actually pretty short. Think about it. In the past 20 years, I’ve used floppy disks (in both 5 ¼” and 3 ½”), CDs, DVDs, Blue Ray, thumb drives and hard drives. In the past 20 years, I’ve had multiple hard drives fail (yes, I realize that I put my technology through a harder life than the average person). In the past 20 years, I’ve personally had 6 cell phones. I took photos using all of them – even the original simple cell phone. I certainly don’t have photos from all of those devices. The majority of the population DOES NOT print most of the photos they take. In 20 years, where will those images be? Most of them will be LOST. We want to help you preserve your memories. We want to print your favorites from your Family Heritage Session. Here’s a link to the current portrait packages: Family Portrait Prices (Dropbox file)

Where should we have the session? Studio or Outside Location?

Your session can be held either in the studio or at a location of your choice. The studio is large and can accommodate up to 30 people easily and more if we break the groups up and use software to combine them into one portrait. People select the studio for many reasons, including: no worries about the weather, they want a more formal portrait, a member of the family is frail, a member of the family has special needs and distractions are an issue.

Location sessions can be at an outdoor park, a favorite hang-out, your home, the nursing home, or another place which is special to you. Of course, weather can cause occasional problems but location sessions can be very meaningful. People select locations that have special memories, as well as locations that provide a beautiful background. In the case of an elderly family member, a location may be selected to accommodate them. Location session poses can be traditional and posed or less formal and somewhat unposed.

Ideas for your Family Heritage Session

Just your individual family. When the kids are small, you may get professional portraits on a regular basis. As the kids get older, milestones for family portraits include the year before your kids head off to college (you may not have everyone ALL at home again).

Photographing the extended family is a very popular option. Consider the popular generational poses: All the women in the family or all the men. How many generations do you have? We also love to photograph the grandkids with the grandparents and also all by themselves. Kids of all ages are great!

Is your loved one declining in health? Please take the time today to schedule your professional portraits. You will not regret it.

Are all of your loved ones in perfect health? Remember, no one is promised a “tomorrow”. People leave us all the time, and often too early. Think about your social media feed. How often do you see those sad posts about another person gone too soon? Schedule your family portraits. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

Click here to see just a few examples: Family Portfolio

Excuses We Hear:

WEIGHT – The majority of us are not at our ideal weight. Call the studio and we will discuss the most appropriate style of clothing for your body type and age. Your job is to dress in the most flattering style. The job of the photographer is to pose you correctly, light you in the most flattering way and retouch you so that you look your best. Your weight may be an issue for you, but you are hiring an experienced photographer who can successfully work her photography magic.

MISSING PEOPLE – It happens. There is rarely a time when everyone is together at the same time. Almost always, someone in a large family group is missing. That’s okay. Let’s document those who are able to attend. Part of our job is to help you record and retell your family “story”. Part of your memories of that session will include the missing member(s). Their absence becomes part of the story. If they are able to make it another time, we’ll capture them then.

One other option is available for family members who cannot be present. We can photograph your group in the studio. We will photograph you in groups and piece the family together in our photo software. If the missing members are able to attend at a different date, It will be no problem to photograph them at a separate time at the studio and add them in later.

MISBEHAVING CHILDREN – We understand children, often better than adults. Please let us know ahead of time if there are any special needs for any of the children. If they are simply rambunctious, games and child psychology work wonders.

COST – You’ve probably heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for”. We understand that you have a budget and we will work with you to meet it. Yes, beautiful portraits require an experienced photographer, professional gear, professional staff, and a professional print lab. We do not cut corners just to save a couple of dollars; we deliver only the best.  No matter what else you decide to purchase, you are certain to go home with a beautiful small wall portrait.

SEASON – The time of year is often a consideration in planning your portraits. So many people want to get photographs during the peak of fall color. Here in Missouri, it is nearly impossible to predict when that will be until that date is upon us. Unfortunately, the beautiful fall colors only last a short time before the fall rains and cold temperatures begin. Many other families want spring portraits, but what they don’t realize is that spring is often wet and muddy and the flowers really aren’t pretty until summer. Oh summer, it’s hot. And winter? It’s cold. See… there’s not ever going to be the perfect time of year. So, I guess that means that anytime is the right time. We will make it work no matter what the temperature or what the flowers and trees look like.

BROKEN BONES or other ailments – Does little Bobby often get hurt? When does he ever NOT have a bruise or gash or broken bone? Isn’t that part of your family story? We can say the same thing about teens with braces and first graders missing teeth. I’m pretty sure that the most cherished photos of my past clients have been the images that are not “perfect”. The toddler who won’t put down her favorite little toy (ever) isn’t ruining your family portraits; she is giving you something to talk about and remember for years to come. “Remember when little Caroline carried that ridiculous tattered doll around? Oh my goodness she was attached….”. And everyone laughs (except the now-grown Caroline). Stories continue and the memories flow. That’s what our portraits will do for your family in years to come. They will spark memories and laughter and maybe some tears when remembering those who are now gone.

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