Now that’s a tough question.  Not to sound “cheeky”, but any time of the year can be good and bad.  The weather can be great any month of the year in Missouri.  It can also be terrible.  It’s better to plan your shoot around your outfits and ideas.  If you want a field of flowers, early spring is ideal, but if you request a field of flowers in November, you will get a field of tall grasses.  (This was an actual request and we pulled it off!  I liked the warm tones of the grasses better than any spring flower anyway).  Every season has its drawbacks.  I pretty much have a solution for heat, cold, rain (yes I’ve photographed in the rain), snow (what’s that???), and everything in between.  The only thing that is tough to work with is strong winds and long hair.

So, my suggestion?  Plan your outfits and get on my calendar whenever you want.  If it’s July, plan for an early morning shoot.  If it’s a rainy spring, plan to be flexible with the timing of your session.  If you want snow, we’ll put you on the calendar and wait and pray for that ONE day (which is definitely going to be a spur of the moment.)

Do you have any deadlines to consider?  Schools often have dates when specific things need to be turned in.  Please check when yearbook submissions (if I am submitting your yearbook photo), parent ads, etc are due.  Also, if you want photos for banquets, awards ceremonies, and other events, please give adequate time for us to deliver the photos.