Booking is Quick and Easy!

Use the booking links below, email me at or call 636-947-5956

You have two main options:

1) individual headshots or 2) team photos

Turn-around time is 1-2 days for individual images, and often the same day!

Individual Studio Sessions

  • Quick – 30 minute appointment

  • Located at Hwy 94/Page Extension

  • Bring 1-3 outfits

  • $125/ Image

Individual Outdoor or Location Sessions

  • 90 minute appointment

  • Location of your choice*

  • Plan 1-3 outfits

  • Individual person – 5 image minimum or…

  • 5 different people minimum

*Locations beyond 15 miles from the studio may have an additional fee.

Team photos for business

Multiple people per image. We can photograph these at the studio or on location. Large groups in the studio will be photographed individually and pieced together into a group composite. Professionals come and go, and we have found that you will get more “mileage” from your team photo if we put it together digitally.


Set up fee: $0 studio, $75 location
2-7 People in a single image $225
8-15 People in a single image $285
16+ Location call for a quote
16+ People in the studio must use composite

  • 30-90 minute appointment

  • Studio or Location

  • Plan 1 outfit

  • The group location fee is waived when individual headshots are added on

Deals and Specials

Headshot Wednesdays

We have special hours for you to come in on certain Wednesdays.  All business portrait appointments during these hours are discounted $20.

  • Select days only

  • Quick – 30 minute appointment

  • Located at Hwy 94/Page Extension

  • Bring 1-3 outfits

  • Regular $125, Fathom agent Special: $105/ Image

Multiple appointments

Save on your headshots when you schedule multiple appointments at the studio.  Ask around the company who else needs a business portrait.

Book 3 or more individuals back to back on the same day and receive a $10 discount on each image purchased.

Ten or more individuals receive a discount of $20 per image purchased

Location sessions also have multiple people discounts for your individual business portraits.

Composite Images FAQ:

Composite Images

Photographed at the studio, every person is photographed individually in a variety of full-length poses. Afterward, all of the images are composited together to form one image. The final image will be delivered in both web-format and large-format, suitable up to billboard size. This is a benefit for teams who regularly add and subtract team members. Since this also allows for team members to be photographed at different times, the prices are set considering multiple set-up times for the photographer.

Composite Pricing:

5+ individuals at one sitting: $70/person
1-4 individuals at one sitting: $95/person
Add a person after the original composite is created: $105/person
Remove a person from the original composite: $50
Purchase your individual image: $50