Some Helpful Tips and Tricks for Headshots

You need a new headshot and now you have some decisions to make.  Do you hire someone?  Take the photo yourself?  Have your friend or spouse take it?

Of course, I will always suggest a professional headshot, but no matter what you do, here are some great dos and don’ts.

Do These:

  • Keep your brand message in mind when planning your headshots
  • Get updated headshots every 1-3 years
  • Select clothing colors that complement your skin tones
  • Plan your clothing according to your body type
  • Use a photographer who uses professional lighting and equipment

Don’t Do These:

  • Take a headshot with your cell phone
  • Use a selfie or cut yourself out of a photo with friends
  • Add filters
  • Stress about getting a new headshot
  • Wear busy patterns for traditional headshots (It’s okay in some occasions for personal branding photos)

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