A Simple Method to Keep Your Group Photo Updated

As a business grows, so does its team. It is important to have an up-to-date photo of the entire team for websites, email signatures, and company profiles. Group photos are great but they can be difficult to update when members change or grow over time. A great solution is to create a composite team photo. This allows you to keep your team photo current without bringing everyone back into the studio every time the team changes. Here’s how it works.

Individual team photos to be used in a team composite

The Process of Creating a Composite Photo

Each individual person in the group has their own headshot taken in front of a neutral background. We then remove the background from each image, leaving just the subject; this is known as “isolating” an image or “extracting” the background. The isolated images are then composited together to form one large group image. This composite photo can either have a neutral color background or a stock image added behind the group for more visual variety and impact. By taking each individual photograph and combining them digitally, we are able to deliver one large group photograph that looks like everyone was photographed together at once – even though they were not!

Business Team Photo composited from studio images

Benefits of Compositing Photos

This compositing method of creating group photos has many benefits for businesses.  Whether your company has a high turnover rate or is rapidly growing, your team photo can easily remain current. It eliminates the need to constantly bring everyone back into the studio every time there is a change in personnel or staff growth; all that needs to be done is add new images and remove old ones from the original file set used when creating the composite photo. This reduces overhead costs associated with scheduling multiple shoots for each new hire, and it saves your staff the time needed for repeated new group photos.

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Have you been tasked with the marketing and website upkeep at your company?  Keeping your team photo relevant doesn’t have to be difficult! If you’re looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to maintain your up-to-date team photos, consider creating a composite team photo using individual business headshots taken with a neutral backdrop that can then be composited together into one cohesive image digitally. This will save you time and money while still keeping your company profile looking professional and polished!